Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 20 Something: Catch up

It is time for some catch up! No, not Ketchup, catch up! I have been so busy writing my old journal entries, which I find fascinating, that I have failed to keep caught up on my life! SO here we go!
Funny quote of the week: (Bethany) "Mom! Look at Ben's bum! It is like a caterpillar!" Should I be worried about this new observation???
We decided that it is time to potty train Bethany! Dumm dum dum dum!

This a picture of all the snacks that I got for the "Potty Party!"

I HATE potty training, I wish they would just do it on their own. I figured now that I have older kids the younger ones would just naturally "get it". Well, Bethany will be 4 in July. She can now describe to me the cycle of day and night but she can't go to the bathroom in the toilet. I gave in and decided to try. So I prepared for the Bathroom party and bought everything salty I could find in the store. We spent the whole day watching movies and eating crud. My bathroom looked like a bomb went off at the end of the day. It was "eh ok" sucessful. This week has been filled with wet carpets, bedding and underwear. We have had a little bit of sucess but a lot of "uh oh"'s! She keeps telling me "I am done with the toilet Mom, can I have a diaper now?" I am hoping it will "click" soon. Ben has joined the effort, but only when he wants a gummy bear. I am leaving him for Bob.
We had one of our famous May snowstorms. Which is slightly depressing but it gave the grass and garden a good watering!

This is the tree that had all the blossoms on it. The snow was so wet that it weighed the branches down the to ground.

I took Ben to the Dr. this day, to make sure he didn't have any broken legs. (He had jumped off the dresser 2 days previously) He was being such a boy that I had to record it!
Here are some more videos:
This one is of Ben and Beth playing "blocks". I was trying to catch Ben in the act of singing "tomorrow" but it is cute footage still.
This is Molly's Bday song. I love that Ben is singing soooo loudly!
This one is of Ben and Bethany playing guns. I seriously don't know where they got the idea to play guns. They have been rough housing A LOT lately. Throwing each other on the ground and laughing. My favorite part of this is where Beth says "It's my turn to die!"

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