Thursday, June 30, 2011

And a Little Child Shall Lead Them

I just wanted to record this for Hannah.
This last weekend we were attending a family reunion. It was wonderful to see cousins and sisters again. We stayed up really late every night and played games, my favorite thing to do with family. By the time Sunday rolled around, we were beat. Someone was sick and another person forgot their Sunday clothes and it was looking like we were all going to be spending Sunday at home. I am not proud of the fact that Bob and I were wavering. We were getting ready to discuss whether we were going to go attend church or not when Hannah came down stairs in her Sunday clothes. Bob and I looked at each other and our decision was made. We hurried and got everyone dressed and ready. To my amazement, a good portion of the family was dressed and ready to go to church as well. I was so proud of my little girl! Her actions and obedience influenced more people then she will ever realize. All I could think was "And a little child shall lead them." That she shall.