Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Time to Move Forward

I realized that I have been excited to share personal information about my family on Facebook but that I haven't sat down and recorded and shared it in a more intimate environment.  I am not expecting my Blog to make me famous but I would like to share some of our meanderings, funny moments and those moments where it feels like the Lord has taken our hearts and raised them to a higher level of being.

We have recently decided that we are a family that ACTS instead of being acted upon. This is bringing some amazing emotional changes.  Things are getting done and our life is moving forward in a positive direction.

This last week was an interesting step for me into unknown territory.  My baby turned 1!  We have determined that Hazel will be our last child.  I found myself having a panic attack!  I have dreamed of being a mother forever!  Now that I decided that I am done procreating, I am realizing that at some point there will be a life without kids in the house.  What will I do then?  Have I ever thought about what I wanted to do AFTER I had kids?  So I am on the ever going quest of self discovery.  If you would like to join me I am asking myself 25 questions to really ponder on.  One day for 25 days.  Dig deep, ponder and record.  I am!

In order to play catch up here are the questions I have done so far: (questions courtesy of "TJed for Teens")

#1) Do I use ingenuity to overcome problems even big ones, or do I get frustrated ad give up or just expect someone to bail me out?
#2)Do I allow myself to get bored, or do I take charge of my time and stay happily engaged in doing good?
#3)Do I complain or whine, or do I let go of frustrating things and focus on doing good?
#4)Do I know I have a great mission in life and that to do it I'll need a great education, and am I taking action to get a truly great education?

#5) Do I take initiative and do whatever needs to be done or that I want to do, or am I constantly thinking about my inability or waiting for others to lead out?