Saturday, July 19, 2014

Day 1... Again

Seems like I only blog when Bob is gone so guess what?!? Time to blog again. Life has thrown some interesting curves at us. Last November we moved to Missouri. We thought this was going to be the opportunity of a lifetime and we were so excited to make Missouri our home.  60 days after starting his new job was let go, by some miracle he was able to find a new job within two weeks time and start working in Ozark Missouri.  Can lightning strikes twice? I guess it can. 90 days after starting his new job he was let go once again.  We were already scheduled to leave for a family reunion soon so we decided to trek across country searching for jobs. He was able to schedule an interview for a company in Utah that he had interviewed for two years previous.  After a rapid interviewing process he was able to land a job with Layton construction.  He has wanted to work for this company for some time so this was a blessing. But this presented the next challenge, moving back to the west.  So Bob drove us all back out to Missouri and spent a few days to some things in order.  Now this morning I sat on the front steps and waved goodbye as I saw him drive away.  A few tears were shed because we don't like being apart.  We belong together and we like it that way. :)  so now begins date one of us being apart for who knows how long.  I get to take care of kids, pack up the house, and clean it all up.  Thank goodness half of the house is still in boxes. :-)  so this is the beginning of our adventure. I'm sure will be fine and I'm sure will learn a lot. I'm sure we will grow. I'm sure we will cry. I'm sure we will laugh. I know will make memories. And I know we will become stronger.  So let the adventure begin as the sun rises on day one of being apart.