Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 13: What a weekend!

Aye, aye, aye! What a weekend. I will try to only bother you with the interesting details of my weekend. Friday, my doorknob broke off my bedroom door. Problem was my door was closed so I was locked out. Thank goodness my Uncle Brian came over to help. Our only option ended up being climbing through my bedroom window and unscrewing the mechanisim from the inside. Even then we couldn't get it to budge so he slipped the hinges. But for some reasons the hinges were TIGHT. He had to get the channel locks out and throw his weight against it before they would even budge! I thought the whole door frame was going to come off! Finally we got that taken care of. I have no doorknob but I don't really have a NEED for privacy right now. :)
Saturday rolls along and here I am looking at the yard feeling VERY overwhelmed! How can I take care of both the yard AND the house. The kids were no help and every bribe was in vain. I just feel like there is so much to do alone! I miss sending Bob outside with the kids and being able to whip through the house alone. To make matters worse, we were watching Little House on the Prarie that morning. It was the episode where Pa has to walk 100 miles to find work so that he can get enough money for them to last through the winter. While he is gone Ma gathers the wheat from the field and threshes it by hand so that they can have enough flour to feed the family. So here I am feeling overwhelmed with the garden, yard and house but realizing that Ma had it much worse than I do. I felt guilty for murmuring but I still wanted to murmur anyway. At least I get to talk to Bob everyday and see his face on Skype. Back then they were lucky to get letters once a week.
I didn't end up getting much done in the yard but I got my bedroom and bathroom clean, it feels so good to have MY space! I was attempting to catch up on laundry when Megan comes running in going "Emergency! Water is flowing down the cubbord!" Sure enough the kitchen sink was leaking all over the floor. My Dad had come by earlier and fixed my disposal and in the process must have dislodged the p-trap. With Bob's help I fixed it myself but that was the last straw. There was so much nasty stuff to clean up! I sat down and cried. Meanwhile my neighbor came by to check on me, since she had missed my phone call earlier. I was so embarassed! Here I am bawling next to the kitchen sink! Bethany was running around naked cause I had been doing baths and my house looks like a bomb went off! Thank goodness she has 9 kids so she completely understands! Her husband came over and had a second look at the sink, we are hoping it holds till Bob gets home.
Today, I was pretty proud of myself, we all got to church before the ending of the opening hymn! Yay for me! Church went by without a hitch. When church got out I ended up loosing some kids. I had sent all the kids out to the car but Hannah ended up staying with my cause she was talking to me and I went to retrieve Ben from the nursery. I get Ben out to the car and only Hannah is there! I put Ben, Hannah and Emma in the car and go off to look for the other 3. I am looking all over the building and I find Megan, but where are the other 2! I was so upset that she left the others by themselves, but she was so scared that I couldn't stay mad long. To make a long story short, some people from our ward found them and helped us to reconnect. I was scared and tired by the time the ordeal was over.
I got to talk to Bob this afternoon and then we went to my Aunt Robyn and Uncle Mikes for dinner. We were celebrating the May Birthdays, which includes Molly.

I can't believe my little girl is turning 5!

Molly had been telling me all day about her "secret" and how she was getting a Tangled Music Box. I thought she was making this up but sure enough Molly ended up getting a Tangled Music CARD from Grandma. She was soooo excited. Ben kept trying to steal it because he LOVES things like that. Molly doesn't want to let it out of her sight and I can see how it will become a source of contention tomorrow. She also received a present that shows my families humor. Molly is getting a pillow pet, but it hasn't come yet so they gave her a picture of the pet.


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  2. Aw Mandi I'm sorry you had such a rough day! I swear when one thing goes wrong everything seems to go wrong. You'll a great Mom and you'll get through it all wonderfully.